Miscellaneous Writings

Sometimes I write things that are too long-format and/or in-depth to stick on G+ or Twitter. So here is a dumping-ground for essays. It's not a blog, because (a) that's not a word, (b) there's no comment facility. A previous version (which I labelled a 'self-published opinion column', a far more descriptive name) sometimes had a comment facility and sometimes didn't, depending on my frequent experiments in writing new HTTP servers; it's currently offline owing to a change of httpd, but may return if I get around to converting it out of the custom preprocessor format I used.



I am writing (slowly) an alternate-history story called Deadman Switch. Progress has largely stalled since my beta reader dropped out in 2018 owing to other commitments; do get in touch if you're interested.


A handful of my articles have been published on Comment Central.

While on a summer job at the NRICH project, I wrote an article about face-transitive solids.