ec429's music page

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Original Compositions

Sonata for Recorder Consort

5 parts: SSATB


4 parts: ATTB

Trio in G major

3 parts: AAB

Duet for Alto Recorders

2 parts: AA

Ricercare Impromptu in G minor

8 parts: SATTBBGbCb

Recorder arrangements

Theme from Animaniacs

(Richard Stone.)

7 parts: SATTBBCb

Overture to The Pirates of Penzance

(Sir Arthur Sullivan.)

Selections from Monkey Island

(Michael Land and Patrick Mundy.)

Widecombe Fair

(Trad. English.)

4 parts: SATB, plus optional vocals.

Bonnie und Clyde

(Die Toten Hosen.)

5 parts: SATTB. Doubling lower parts recommended.

Mondscheinsonate, adagio sostenuto

(Ludwig van Beethoven.)

4/5 parts: ATTB(Cb). Doubling bass part recommended.

Allegretto from Symphony No. 7

(Ludwig van Beethoven.)

6 parts: SATTBCb. For advanced players.

Andante con moto from Symphony No. 4 (Italian)

(Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.)

8 parts: SopSATTBGbCb. For advanced players.

Fugue on a theme by D.M.Hanlon

(Linus Åkesson)

6 parts: SopSATBCb. For advanced players.

Other recorder performances

Fuga alla breve e staccato, JS Bach

4 parts: SATB

Arrangement by Dolce Edition, Brighton, GB; DOL 308.

Brass arrangements

RAF March Past

(Walford Davies and Sir George Dyson.)

4 parts: B♭ Cornet I/II, E♭ Horn I/II.

Melody from the Taiga

(Trad. Russian.)

3 parts: F Horn I-III.

Sunshine Variations

(Paul Rice, probably — it's complicated.)

4 parts: F Horn I-IV.


Why are so many of the scores missing?

I had an incident with a hard drive. It should be possible to recover the data, though.

Who are the performers in the recordings?

They're all me, recorded multi-track.

What software do you use?

MuseScore for notation, and Audacity for recording and editing audio.

What hardware do you use?

What about the bass (and lower) recorder parts?

Since I don't own any gigantic recorders, I play these parts on either a treble or a tenor and then pitch-shift them down in octaves. This leads to a slightly odd and certainly inauthentic sound, but it's better than nothing.

How are these arrangements and performances licenced?

Where I hold the rights (which may not be all cases; see below), both the arrangements and the performances thereof are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 licence.

What's the legal status of the arrangements of copyrighted works?

Unclear. Like most amateur musicians, I haven't licenced the source material. On the other hand, most of the arrangements were done 'by ear', thus are derived only from the idea and not the expression; and they may fall under the 'pastiche' part of fair dealing. I don't know for sure, as I'm not a lawyer and haven't consulted one.

If arrangements like these are illegal, then nearly every amateur musician in the country has at some point broken copyright law by performing similar unlicenced arrangements. In my opinion such a law would be unjust. That said, be aware that if you decide to perform these arrangements in public, it's at least theoretically possible that the music industry will send lawyers after you.

In any case, if you believe I have infringed your rights, please contact me (ecree 429 at virgin media dot com).